Steering your Portfolio toward
greater Sustainability and Growth

Steer your portfolio with a customized approach: Sustainable Solution SteeringTM

For a tailor-made and incremental development and implementation of your portfolio, thinkstep offers a means to:

  • analyze your sustainability needs along your company’s complete value chain and define relevant sustainability criteria
  • evaluate and categorize the sustainability performance of your product applications in their respective markets
  • create precise strategies and action plans for product development and marketing

To help you develop and implement a customized portfolio steering approach, thinkstep provides a combination of strategy consultancy, sustainability knowledge and data from diverse industries and a software tool based on our SoFi platform to support data collection, product evaluation, portfolio steering (based on KPIs) and reporting.

For example, thinkstep has been adapting the BASF Sustainable Solution SteeringTM approach to allow BioMar (a leading international provider of feed for aquaculture) to assess and steer its portfolio of up to 1,500 raw material ingredients. BioMar can now work closely with suppliers to reduce risks and improve the sustainability of their supply, while providing transparency and added value to its customers.

 sustainable solution steering

Discover how BioMar uses Sustainable Solution Steering

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