Sustainable Solution Steering
– the BASF Method

Sustainable Solution SteeringTM  – the BASF Method

Since 2013, BASF has been steering its portfolio of products and solutions with its own unique method – Sustainable Solution SteeringTM (also known as tripleS). Sustainable Solution Steering uses a decision-tree process to classify each product application according to its sustainability performance into one of four categories: Accelerator, Performer, Transitioner or Challenged.

thinkstep and BASF collaborate strategically to enable companies in the chemical sector and other industries to use the Sustainable Solution Steering methodology.



BASF has analysed its complete portfolio of 60,000 product applications worldwide and has thereby increased its proportion (of sales) of accelarator solutions from 21.6% to 27.3% in 2017 with a goal of reaching 28% in 2020.

The detailed information is also used to advise and support customers in reaching their sustainability goals. When needed, Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used to demonstrate the positive sustainability contributions of BASF products. With the Sustainable Solution Steering method, BASF has been able to increase revenue growth and improve margins with more sustainability products. 


"We systematically steer our entire portfolio towards more sustainable solutions to drive new business opportunities for BASF and meet customer and industry needs."

Dirk Voeste BASF

Dirk VoesteVice President Sustainability Strategy, BASF


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