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Steering your Portfolio toward
greater Sustainability and Growth

Steer your portfolio toward greater sustainability and growth with Portfolio Sustainability Assessment and Sustainable Solution SteeringTM

Consumers and governments are taking a strong interest in the sustainability of individual products. Global agreements, such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, underpin the need for companies to provide greater transparency on the sustainability of their products.

To seize opportunities and minimize risks, companies are using Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA) and Sustainable Solution SteeringTM (thinkstep's and BASF's unique PSA methodto systematically assess and proactively steer their overall product portfolio toward improved sustainability performance. To gain transparency and focus, Sustainable Solution SteeringTM and Portfolio Sustainability Assessment classify the portfolio using relevant sustainability criteria, such as:

Legislative requirements driven by sustainability issues, such as recycling, air quality or energy efficiency Value chain requirements, such as standards from key customers or relevant certification and labelling schemes Socio-economic and environmental impacts across the life-cycle of products

Under the umbrella of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), a framework for Portfolio Sustainability Assessment was developed and published in October 2017. thinkstep contributed to the development of this framework and has been supporting companies to develop and implement Portfolio Sustainability Assessment approaches since 2015.


Read more about the WBCSD PSA framework

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